Urban wildlife characters




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Biennale 2022


Miasto Gdynia

A marten representing flexibility, a boar with an urge to act, digging a grave for Russian imperialism, and a moth seeking light to take a better look at its emotional baggage. These three allegories of contemporary human problems were made into sculptures and placed in Grabówek district of Gdynia as a part of the 2022 Biennale. These three pieces depicting urban wildlife characters were designed by Olia Hordienko, who, like hundreds of thousands of other Ukrainian men and Ukrainian women, was forced by the war to leave Kiev. Our friendship and cooperation with the artist started several months ago, when Olia became a resident at Traffic Design.

The sculptures are a three-dimensional version of Olia's illustrations. The project was also accompanied by a zine with comics telling the stories of animals.

The project is sponsored by the City of Gdynia.
Photos: Rafał Kołsut