Piotra 4


In 2019 we started collaborating with a property developer who is investing in a particular part of Gdynia, a central district located right next to the shipyard and harbour facilities.

Most of the time, we work in pre-existing urban spaces and our designers tailor the project to accommodate the architectural context. This time around, since the project was centering around a planned development, we had to engage all of our team’s diverse abilities.

One part of the commission included:
PR and publicity,
Corporate Social Responsibility plan aimed at local residents.

The other design-oriented part consisted of:
visual identity,
facade decoration,
urban furniture designs.

Thanks to the team’s varied skills and dedication we have achieved coherence across the strategic and community-oriented, as well as the design, areas of the project.

The starting point of this project was the idea that a property developer is an entity responsible for shaping the urban landscape. They impact the aesthetic of public spaces, redefine its functionalities and influence the lives of local residents. As an organisation dedicated to the idea of an aesthetic and friendly city, we have decided to enter the collaboration with a certain mindset - guiding the way towards how a modern responsible development firm should approach a new investment.


The design part of the project included creating a visual identity for which we made not only a logo, but a whole key visual system, including a set of illustrations inspired by the seaside character of the district and the spirit of modernist Gdynia. Moreover, the visual identity had to be expanded and adapted to suit various media. It included promotional materials such as a printed booklet, a folder, branded pens and business cards, but it also expanded onto the planned property as a facade decoration and a system of signage, including custom typography.
Our designers created a wayfinding system, combined with outdoor lamp design, facade and interior decoration, urban furniture, multi-tenant entrance sign, a set of signage rules for private business occupying the ground floor.

CSR, marketing and PR

As part of their CSR strategy, the investor was interested in the ways of creating a neighbourhood spirit within the local community.
To address this need we came up with an idea of a sentimental map that would be created in collaboration with local seniors and encouraged our client to host an event on the soon-to-be development site. The event would be a way of saying goodbye to the building currently occupying the site. For a time it would be transformed into an artistic space, hosting a series of film screenings, workshops and a cross-generational dance.
Moreover, we have created a plan for the developer to make a positive change in the public space adjacent to the property - installing handles for cyclists near crossings, water fountains and creating an artistic crossing design.