Sentimental Maps


In the years 2015-2018 we created five sentimental maps of different Gdynia districts. We started out mapping forgotten histories of Starowiejska Street (Gdynia’s oldest street), during a workshop with seniors. In 2016 we examined Orłowo and Oksywie - two very distinctive districts.

The tale of Oksywie was devoted to army bases and the fishermen’s settlement, whereas Orłowo was all about being a summer resort, the local art high school and other local stories. Later years brought new mapped out places within the city (Grabówek and Wzgórze Św. Maksymiliana). The project resulted in creating four unique maps, as the outcome of workshops and interviews with local seniors. The closing day of each project was a (very popular) walk around the district, where sentimental stories met with historical data about the neighborhood.