Peripheries. In the gray zone of urbanism - exhibition


In the gray zone of urbanism resides everything informal, illegal, impractical, impermanent, irrational, unobvious, uncanny, unsettling, unwanted, unfinished, unsightly, unprofitable, unnecessary, unprofessional, unpromising and unpopular. These processes and phenomena are an architectural, cultural and urban part of the cityscape.

They include allotment gardens, graffiti, skateboarding, uninhabited buildings, abandoned and temporary spaces, spots used for informal encounters, things and places from the previous era, like unfashionable bars or unprofitable businesses, handmade elements, uncurated urban greenery. They are authentic, grass-root, analogue, local, folksy and sincere, and as such they create informal spaces, forming a city’s ambience. Obrzeża (meaning outskirts, peripheries) is a title of an exhibition presenting a set of doodles, drawings, things and ideas more or less tied to this topic.

Partners of the exhibition include: The City of Gdynia, Gdynia Design Days and Flügger.